Hi! I’m Abneet and I believe in the transformative, healing power of deep true nourishment.

I believe in the rise of the nourished woman.

A nourished woman is rooted in the authority of her own knowing, her own love.

What is a nourished woman?

She is tree-like in Nature—the one who waters her roots, her deepest desires, yet stands tall amidst weathering storms.


She is awakening to her inner resilience, intuition and knowing.


She is grounded yet allows her wild branches to grow.


She is standing, she is not racing.


Like a tree is a bridge between heaven and Earth, so is the nourished woman.


She is ‘La Que Seba’—the one who knows.


She is waking up from the trance of overwhelm and perfectionism, melting frozen ways of being and bidding farewell to being a former daughter of the Patriarchy.


And like there are a network of trees, she knows she is not alone and that a nourished woman rises to her power with her tree sisters, connected and growing ever stronger, together.

A nourished woman feeds both her body and soul

What is a nourished woman’s relationship with her body, health, and food?

She is well fed– eating intuitively + mindfully taking in healing yummy whole foods. She’s thrown away the constrictive cloak of “ideal body image” and dieting.

The reality is that unfortunately many of us often feel we don’t measure up. We don’t feel sexy or beautiful, we don’t feel we have the time, we’re stressed out and our cortisol levels are way out of whack.

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to live this way. And I know that it’s so important to have someone in your corner helping you bring your body  + soul back into balance.

What is a nourished woman’s relationship with her soul?

A nourished woman feeds her soul to the brim– she is remembering the inherent joy and pleasure that runs like an electric hum through the Universe. She is allowing it to re-enter her body, her temple of beingness. She is daily, bit by bit, piece by piece, awakening presence back into her being.

More about me

 My approach is holistic and uses feminine practices to soften. This means I use a unique blend of coaching based in the body as opposed to just talking and keeping it only intellectual. I work with practices from traditions of tantra, kundalini, Arkaya yoga, and unique breathing techniques, visualization and mantra to create new pathways of conditioning in the body.


I have participated in and led many woman’s groups over the last 10 years, and my offering is a unique blend of these potent shamanic and alchemic experiences. I’m also a trained school teacher, natural chef and holistic nutritionist so we will also look at your unique learning styles and patterning, in addition to nourishment, lifestyle habits and overall spiritual health.


I hold 3 academic degrees:  B.ed in Psychology/Humanities, B.ed in Education. and diploma in Nutritional Counseling. 


Formal bio? Here we go:


Abneet Sandhar is an award winning ceremonialist and trained classical Indian yoga guide, receiving her 300hr teacher training with Master yoga lineage holder: Maitreyi Yogacharini from the Arkaya foundation in 2019. She is also a Feminine Embodiment Coach receiving Woman’s Temple facilitation training with Awakening Women in 2017, and also is a certified Holistic Nutritionist + Chef. Her ancestry is from North India, Punjab.

In Summer 2021, she was awarded for her community leadership and facilitation by the Visioneers Network, and her work has been featured in Cosmo magazine.


 I am a soul deeply and endlessly fascinated by human behavior and the resiliency of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Some of the imperfect yet warrior souls that have nevertheless been my heroes, range everywhere from Tupac, to Maya Angelou, to Paramahansa Yogananda. The legacies these people have left deeply touched my soul as a youth and have raised my spirit in many a dark moments in my life. 


The list of teachers and mentors that have shaped and influenced my teachings are too great a list to mention here, but I will add that the Spirit of Mother Earth herself, and sacred plant medicines have greatly lent to my awakening journey.


Ultimately, all this is to serve YOU stepping back into your intuition and power. You are own medicine woman, you are becoming a Nourished+ Embodied Woman.


 Being a dancer most of my life, and being super sensitive, I know what it’s like to live a life from the inside out. I’m also a survivor of child sexual abuse so I also know what it’s like to hide and numb the body, and become insecure while wearing a protective tough girl shield. Or the the other well-known coping mechanisms: being a workaholic,  people-pleasing, and stuck in toxic masculinity.

When we have suffered like this, it is a momentous opportunity, a portal from which to re-learn what being embodied actually is. There is deep shame about emotions and sexuality in our collective culture, and part of my work is to wake up from that trance.

As a former neo-burlesque and nude art model, and being a woman of Indian descent, I know what being “different” and not seeing representation of yourself out there feels like, and yet I understand what it means to create yourself anew, as if out of nothing. I get the complex dynamics of not feeling you fit into the dominant model of Beauty and Femininity.

These experiences influence the lens I see through, and are deeply woven into my work. I grew up in an Indian Sikh home, where I watched my mother pray and chant everyday, and although I explored many different spiritual traditions as an adult, this thread of devotion run through all my trainings. The matriarchal lineage of devotion runs deep and far back in my blood line, and it infuses this work I do with you sister.

Commitment and devotion to the expanded version of yourself, are the number one cornerstones of this journey that will truly make this a breathtaking and successful one for you dear soul. 

It’s time to say YES! and bet on yourself and your heart’s desires, dear shakti sister. That is the only way I arrived at where I am today and proud to live a life I love, and one that I co-create with my Intuition daily. And while it’s far from “perfect” ( who wants that anyways?) —it is mine, it is authentic and it is aligned. 


I wish that for every soul on this planet. I truly believe that is how we are creating a sustainable and more beautiful world, for generations and generations of women to come.


I extend this invitation your way now, dear soul. You have arrived here not by chance.


Come take your seat in the luminous field of heart-centered living. 


There is no time to waste. Life is precious. Come take this ride of lifetime with me.


I can’t wait to meet you in this limitless field of Shakti.


All my love,



I behold you in your beauty, power, and softness. I see and honour all that you are

Are you ready to deeply receive and release old ways of being that no longer serve you?

Are you ready to sit in your own throne, and crown yourself, rooted in the authority of your own knowing, in your own love?

Are you ready to dive deep with me? I am ready to journey with you sister.  I am deeply honoured and humbled to be your mirror and guide, bringing you back home to yourself, embodying your true self once again.

There is gentleness here, there is great power in softness here. I welcome you to the ancient circle, dear one.



We have been waiting for you.

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