Welcome to this unique path of uncovering, healing, and arriving back at the center of your life.

Together we can co-create your unique journey back to optimal health, deep joy, and even deeper nourishment.

Your history, needs, and soul’s desires are unique, and as such, we will create a plan that will best serve your divine uprising.

Nourishment doesn’t have to be yet another stressful thing to add to your to-do list– you can work it in to your day to day life, little by little adding more of what nourishes you until it becomes your new normal to be a deeply nourished woman.


Read on beloved…

What Clients Are Saying

Abby is a master teacher and presenter. She is in love with food and she radiates this love in a way that is fun, tasty and sensual! Her vegan raw sushi workshop was inspiring and creative. I left feeling revived and renewed, had a few more cooking tricks up my sleeve and a whole lot more nutritional information to use in my daily life! Don’t miss out on her wisdom!”

— Nicole Tingley (Life coach, kundalini yoga teacher and new mom)

We’ll deep dive into a 60 minute breakthrough session Total Nourishment Journey designed just for you.

Live feminine embodiment and nourishment classes in Vancouver. 7 class chakra series. Next one begins: Sept 26, 2019

A 7 week online immersion that includes 1:1 private session at end of program and 1-2 group ZOOM calls with weekly self-study videos. Reconnect to yourself and sisterhood. Next round begins: June 30, 2019.

1:1 Breakthrough Session

*The Details: One 60min intake and follow up 30min session + 360 Complete Nourished Woman Plan* $297

Feeling more connected to your body and improving your health doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing.

With 1:1 coaching we can customize your nourishment package and break down your healing journey into easily digestible, doable steps.

Everyone experiences nourishment differently, so my deep dive packages are the ideal, most nourishing offering for you.

Your breakthrough session includes a preliminary intake with a seven day food log and client questionnaire, followed by a 60 min intake session resulting in the delivery of a 360 Nourished Woman Plan: 7 day meal plan, tailored healing recipes and grocery list, recorded mantra for morning meditation and more! We’ll follow up with a 30 minute check-in.

Many women at this point feel they need longer term support ( 1-3 months mentorship)  as anchoring in those new patterns and having  accountability can be challenging without ongoing support. I am here for you. 

A breakthrough session provides the connection you’ve been seeking with:

  • LIVE 60- 90 minute body and soul nourishment coaching session – this session is based on your needs and may include: embodiment practices, spiritual tools to help awaken your feminine, specific energy center healing, for example– practices and foods to eat for healing root energy, heart energy, etc 
  • A complete, in-depth nutritional assessment resulting in holistic nutrition recommendations (What foods to eat, avoid, supplements, underlying imbalances, deficiencies, easy to implement and often delicious solutions)
  • Deep embodied nourishment – recommendations for healing meal plans, recipes and more
  • Unlimited email support and BONUS follow-up 30min session to anchor in long-term changes

Read on…

You don’t need to go on exotic retreats

…to get the deeper connection and relaxation in your life you are seeking.

I will take care of the tools and provide the guidance so you can free up space in your body and soul to really enjoy, embody and live your divine feminine blueprint.

Break up with the trance of overwhelm, health confusion and body shame for good. Be done with giving away all your resources and feeling depleted. The rise of the nourished woman begins with reaching out, asking, and receiving all that you deserve.

Let’s create the perfect VIP nourishment experience for you so you can get back to feeling more radiant, alive and juicy.

Pleasure, deep joy and optimal health aren’t “rare” treats, they are your birthright.

Are you ready?

Awakening Shakti Woman’s Circles

We are a network of trees and together we grow taller, wiser and stronger.

You don’t have to do this work alone and it’s just so much more fun when we are in communion together!

When we finally decide to put our weapons of judgement, comparison and competition down, we can bear witness in humility and awe the beauty, vulnerability and resilience of our fellow women.

There is great power, great Shakti there.

Let’s do it together!

Beginning Thursday Sept 26th 2019 in Vancouver, BC, I am facilitating a live 7-part workshop series focusing on healing chakra centres with feminine embodiment and healing nourishment. Elemental Chakra dance takes place with safe touch and focused discussion. Circles take place over the year in 7 week cycles in a private sanctuary space in Vancouver. Limited space available to maintain a sacred and safe container.

Click below for more information and to register:

What Clients Are Saying


“I felt a renewed and awakened connection to pleasure and my body that I haven’t felt in YEARS after working with Abby for the last 2 months. I felt totally disconnected and numb from my body after having surgery, but with her attunement, sensitivity and guidance I am feeling more relaxed and centered, more present and less reactive with my partner. I felt so confused about what to eat for recovery, and with Abby’s help my energy and mood has steadily improved. Abby is a revolutionary force in helping woman to reclaim inner wisdom and radiance in their lives. She is committed to this path and has set a fire in my belly about what is possible!”

Lylah Iorfida – Lawyer

Online Sensual Shakti Sisterhood Immersion

*The details: Next round begins June 30-  Aug 11. 7 weeks, One payment of $444 CDN. 

The time of the Nourished Woman is now.

What is Shakti? Shakti is the feminine principle in the tantric and yogic philosophies: that which is animated, is form and is illuminated by Light. It is you. It is your innate Divine feminine power.

Now more than ever, with women’s leadership and responsibilities increasing, it is time we give back to ourselves, and embody this Shakti as a birthright, as a coming home to oneself.  The time of giving from an empty cup is over, and we don’t have to do it alone.

The powerful woman is She who is awake to how energy is moving INSIDE of her entire body. No longer in a war against her body, the awakened woman allows pleasure as daily life force energy to ripple through out her body and infuse into every aspect of her life– She rides the tiger of emotions and temporal sensory states into DEEPER states of Presence. She is rooted in the authority of her own knowing and the river under the river. She is connected to the deeper flow of life and takes her seat in leadership from that relaxed knowing place.

In The Sensual Shakti Sisterhood Immersion, you will awaken Presence back into your body using the senses and connect deeper to your sacred self in practical, doable ways with the support of community.

The desire to be nourished is always there, a seed in our deeper knowing heart, but often self-neglect can creep up on us, as we can feel pull towards competing demands of the day. This program helps you to bridge that gap and come back to your innate nourished, embodied woman 

The shakti Sisterhood is for you if: 

  • You are tired of being tired, overworked and energy scattered: you are ready to focus and feel deeper peace
  • You want to feel a deeper connection to your Intuition and body- you feel comfortable with self-touch + embodiment practises
  • You are done with giving away your energy to everyone and everything but yourself (Where are YOU on your to-do list?)
  • You are done with feeling alone, overwhelmed and isolated in your health journey
  • You are done with feeling disconnected from your body and your sensuality
  • You are ready and committed to really dive in and be held accountable in a supportive way. You are ready to show up for yourself.
  • You are seeking a deeper connection to your Spirit and want to feel more empowered in your life overall
  • You are ready to take your power back!
  • You feel capable of spending 1-2 hours per week ONLINE to join in live or watch video later, and do some review in the Workbook ( if this does NOT feel possible for you due to schedule or level of commitment, I recommend to join at a later time) 

There’s so much more to nourishing yourself as a woman that our culture misses

Being stressed all the time is not normal

This is what I see around me: A world where women are doing EVERYTHING and putting themselves last.

They are overworked and exhausted. They often feel isolated and lonely in their innermost hearts, and disconnected from their bodies and sensuality.

It makes sense when you consider that we are living and working within a system that rewards pushing, overworking and being busy all the time. Where is there room for the feminine heart to flourish?

Self-care is not just bubble baths and chocolate, and once in a while pleasures.

Feeling supported, relaxed, nourished, centered is the new norm. And you don’t have to it alone! The time of the lone wolf is over.

Deep true nourishment is steady and sustainable, and like a tree, we women are a network and grow stronger in our collective nourishment.

The SENSUAL shakti SisterhooD Online Immersion provides everything to get you started in your total nourishment journey and shakti awakening now:

  • 7 weekly self-study group videos covering hands on embodiment + grounding practises and practical nutrition, food and health tips – because nourishment should be doable and not just “one more” thing to add to your plate. It’s designed to actually be supportive, incremental and long-lasting.
  • 1-2 LIVE group Zoom calls for hands-on support and sisterhood connection. This is a powerful connecting and amplifying piece of the program. 
  • 1 private 1:1 Breakthrough Session at the end of program which results in a 360 Nourished Woman Plan- receive high level support, discover the limiting blocks that have been holding you back and how to re-pattern.
  • A mastermind community of like-minded women– to help you stay on track, feel seen + supported in community and keep the positive momentum flowing!
  • Access to me and our group members via our secret FB community– all videos, documents, resources, articles to read at your leisure and love notes of inspiration to keep you motivated!
  • A digital copy of the Shakti Codes Activation workbook: a guide of practises, journaling questions and review of each week to really anchor in the downloads of each class, and keep the momentum going. 
  • Unlimited email support 

All for one payment of $444 CDN.

What Clients Are Saying


“Abneet’s facilitation at the last Red Tent Mysteries event was incredible. She led us though a Kundalini Chakra Dance and it was such a powerful process, her facilitation was exquisite and she held space so beautifully, with such grace and sensuality.  We were blessed to have her nourishing treats as well. Looking forward to having her guide and nourish us again in the next Red Tent in Vancouver!

 – Jaitara Jade, Facilitator of transformation, healing and sacred sexuality, and best-selling author of The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment,

Coming home to who you really are


I am so grateful for finding and experiencing the Awakening Shakti 7 Week Series of Abneet’s – what an incredibly enriching and empowering experience! Each night Abneet created a safe container to gently guided us through unique and powerful practices. Sharing and witnessing in intuitive embodied movement was the highlight for me – allowing my body to release and shed unnecessary tension, emotion, outdated worldviews, and blocked energy, while simultaneously connecting me deeper into my sensuality and female empowerment. Each session held a different flavour, as we moved through movement, mantra, story sharing, discussion, and safe touch. Practicing the “YES” and “NO”s of life in a safe space was another powerful activity. And needless to say, the beautiful and healthy elixirs she created and poured each night on arrival were a delicious way to start the class!

 – Meigan Swanson, Graduate of Awakening Shakti 2018

What is unique about this Sisterhood?

  • RAPID RESULTS and POWERFUL shifts: Anytime you bring consciousness together in a group like this with a common goal, in a space of safety, love and sacredness, RESULTS AND SHIFTS HAPPEN. It’s your commitment to keeping up every week and your earnest desire to evolution and growth that will ensure you receive the results. 
  • It’s intimate: I’m only accepting 9 women at this time, so we can all be involved and stay authentically connected
  • It’s time efficient: We are meeting online and on calls for a total of 8-10  hours for the duration of the 7-week program, so you have plenty of space to implement and still live your life. 
  • Convenience & Freedom. Join from anywhere in the world. Zoom session are recorded so you watch later in the week if you weren’t able to catch the live.
  • It’s cost efficient: The program is valued at over $800 but I am offering it this time for 1 flat fee of $444 CDN.
  • You get custom tailored support: This is not a 1 size fits all model, we will be scheduling 1 private Breakthrough Session which will result in a personalized plan geared towards your soul and body needs. ( Value: $297) 

Give yourself the gift of a new-found feminine radiance, deep embodied confidence and the grounding to establish healthy boundaries, so that you can free up energy to really show up, embody and enjoy your life to the fullest.

The rise of the Nourished Woman is now, and you don’t have to do it alone

The immersion begins on our first weekly zoom call of the series, on Monday night April 1st. 7pm PST.  A potent time to call in our deepest desires! Remember, the beauty of a program like this– you can be anywhere in the world and still join the group field. In fact, I find online video calls more intimate than in-person meetings sometimes! 

Are you ready to step into the next phase of your life centered, supported, guided and more deeply connected to your body and soul?

It’s time put yourself first.

Ready to join us? Schedule a call with me to make sure the SHAKTI Sisterhood is right for you.

Nourished Events:

Awakening Shakti Open House: March 16

✨OPEN HOUSE✨ 💃🏽 So excited for this local #vancouver collabo with Vibrant Soul !! Wild Shakti days and nights are here! Especially since this time I get to facilitate you through a powerful chakra kundalini dance experience ✨ancient yogini temple practices : 108...

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The Nourished Woman Retreat: Nov 2019

// UPDATE AUG 6/2019: We have added some incredibly gifted healers to support you on this journey and currently have 7 beds open in 4 shared rooms.// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aligned. Knowing. Full Bloom Radiance....

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