Melting the frozen parts.

Receiving isn’t natural for some of us. We feel guilt, shame even. We may feel we must always be the ones giving endlessly of ourselves, for then we feel worthy. What if we began to UNRAVEL some of this conditioning instead, and began to allow new pathways of beingness to emerge from within? That we are inherently worthy and don’t have to be BUSY all the time to justify our existence? As women we can store a lot of STUCK emotions in our bodies– past anger not expressed, rage, sadness, grief. There is great power, great shakti in receiving, in softness, from relaxing and melting the frozen parts. We can begin with the Heart Chakra, and focusing on actively receiving. A suggested embodiment practice for receiving below:

The Shakti Waterfall ( 15 min or more)

A relaxing way to open up energy pathways, soften the heart and receive your own love is by utilizing the breath and self-touch. This practise begins in the morning, by you rubbing your hands together to activate chi energy then digging your nails into your scalp– from there you begin to rub and circularly massage your whole head, taking your time to stop at the base of the skull to push in there– activating the love hormone oxytocin. From there you move down your face, massaging focal points of brow bone, jaw ( where many of us women unconsciously store tension) and giving yourself a breast massage, a tummy massage. You work this way all the way down your body, ending in a forward fold, making fists and lightly punching the back as you are bent over. Letting out loud sighs during breast massage and when fully bent over, bending the knees. Massaging the legs now, down to feet, squat, sit down and massage each foot very carefully. Breathe deeply. You are done. This practise alone done consistently every morning will change the way you show up and creatively engage your life. Thawing the frozen parts. Allowing love energy to flow by receiving your own love, your own loving touch, care and awareness FIRST. 

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A Heart- Opening Holistic Elixir :

Indian Hot Cacao with Cardamom and Damiana ( 4 servings)

Damiana is a feminine south american herb/shrub and is know to be a potent aphrodesiac and softener for the Heart. This recipe is great for intimate gatherings or for a deep evening with yourself.

In a medium sized pot, mix 4-5 cups of your favorite plant-based milk ( I use coconut milk) with: 2 tbsp Damiana crushed herb, 4 tbsp organic cacao, 2 tsp cardamom powder, 4 tbsp maple syrup or honey, 4 tbsp rose water, dash salt and vanilla. Whisk till the clumps are out, then boil and simmer up to 30 minutes. Strain and serve immediately.

Enjoy this deeply, quitely, joyfully in full receptive mode. You deserve it! 

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((( <3 ))) Big heart love to you Beloved!

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