Nourishing Truths: Nobody is Going to Save You. and. That is a gift.

It is easy to get into the trance and asking others what to do. A habit of grasping that can become cultivated from a lifetime of not trusting yourself. Maybe you weren’t shown how. Maybe you were constantly told you were not to be trusted. Maybe someone always rushed in to do it for you so you began to believe you must not know. Whatever the route, many of us end of drowning in the self help world, losing connection with our Sacre Innate Truth, our unique expression, caught in a cycle, addiction, tendency to get others to TELL US WHAT THE FUCK TO DO.

I get it. These are murky waters. Emotions are messy. In the work that I do I guide women in tuning into their OWN INTUITION. But if we are caught in thinking we really don’t know and truly believe that– no amount of money, self-help, trainings, books will really work because the underlying belief driving these behaviors is : I CAN’T TRUST MYSELF. This requires a mighty shift in the bedrock, in the foundation that makes up our Being– but it is doable.

I was raised in a traditional Indian Sikh household, and watched my Mother awake sometimes at 4am almost every morning to read from the Guru Granth Sahib, our sacred poetic text. The message I received from this was : what you constantly do in private shows up in public. What we continually commit to show up to do, becomes the fabric of our very Being. If we can make that commitment to ourselves, to tune in, in a way that feels true, right and authentic for us, again and again, returning home to the Source within– we begin to lessen the tendency to grasp and search outside of ourselves for the the answers. This the lie of authority– that some force outside of you knows what’s right for you. How could they? Every one of us has VERY unique blueprint from which Source expresses itself– our sacred duty is to tune in, soften, loosen the grip, and ALLOW our truths to surface.

It is all there, a beautiful cave of jewels inside of your Being, waiting to see the Light of your own awareness. There is beautiful Sufi saying:

You have a read a thousand books. But have you read the book of your own Self?” 

If you are ready to experience the unique expression and Truth of your own Being, then I invite you to join me and an intimate circle of women in Vancouver on Wed, April 11th 6:30 ~ 8:30 pm as we now enter the 5th class of the Chakra Healing + Feminine Embodiment Series: Throat Chakra and Expressing your Truth. We explore ourselves through ancient Indian chanting, mantras, spontaneous movement and holistic nutrition. Purchase the last 3 classes of the series separately in the link here or for bundle email me at:

If you are unable to attend this event, but wish to be supported in a different way, feel feel to contact the Nourished Woman; we offer a host of unique vibrant services to GUIDE you back to wholeness, radiance and full Beingness. Book a complimentary call here.

In Awe and in Witness of you,



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