Nourishment for the Tummy: 2 ingredient Coco-Yo

Hi Beautifuls! I haven’t written for a while- and it’s full swing summer here in Vancouver. I really do feel so lucky and blessed in these months, and I always want to go away in the rainy winter months! I’ve been busy wrapping up activities for the Nourished Woman– like holding the final summer class of the Chakra Healing Series: Crown on June 7. It was our best class to date, most deepening, awakening and connected. A lot of emotions moved and we bonded together in our intimate group of 9. I’m so grateful for the women who show up to do this work together– women coming together in tribe is essential and vital to our health as women! We will be holding our next series in September and it will be a condensed 7 week series exploring feminine embodiment, holistic nutrition and spiritual self care. Please do get in touch if you are here in Vancouver and want to join– I would like to keep the group small up to 9 again. And now moving onto the food world….

Your Gut health determines EVERYTHING in your body

Lately I’ve been experimenting with cleanses and creating gut healing food to see how I can heal the unexplainable rashes and that come seasonally on the back of my neck and side of face, and inconsistent and super light menstrual cycle. I realized while I do not have parasites, I do have candida overgrowth and possible thyroid dysfunction. I have been feeling so SUPER GREAT and full of energy after implementing a strict no sugar AT ALL ( not even maple syrup in my bulletproof morning elixir) food plan and same with dairy and wheat. When you have hormonal issues as a woman, it is so key and beneficial to avoid these inflammatory agents– they cause insulin to flare, and this has a domino effect on our cortisol and female hormones. Lots of water ( 1 litre, 4 cups lemon water in morning baby!) cold showers to wake up glands and organs in morning, skin healing collagen in my morning tea, dry brushing, deep breathing and joyful activities to lower stress hormone cortisol, primal movement ( I discovered BOWSPRING functional movement– it’s changing my life!) and of course….MAKING EPIC FOOD ALCHEMY IN MY KITCHEN! That being– making probiotic- rich food. I just launched these quick 1-3 minute holistic cooking video captures as mini cooking shows on Instagram TV called “Abby’s Kitchen”, you can watch them there on my IG, link in my bio below, or on my Facebook biz page, also links below.  The rash is totally calming down, I’m no longer constipated ( taking magnesium at night and drinking lots of water), and most of all–  my libido and overall mood is soaring, and pimples on jaw gone! ( when we literally have clogged intestines, it shows up on jaw line as zits). Eyes are clear and I’m spontaneously dancing! Hmm– getting 10 hugs a day from family friends and lovers is so boosting to mood and immunity too! Nature hikes are so healing for our bodies– call it the essential Vitamin N! So onwards we go in this epic self care program. Our skin being the biggest organ, it absolutely shows us signs when something is imbalanced inside of our bodies. Do you need support on feeling better, eating healthier, and feeling AMAZING?  Reach out, I offer 1-1 Online and in-person consults YEAR ROUND– book a free 30 minute consult hereAnd like I always say– Pleasure is your freakin BIRTHRIGHT!

Benefits of eating coconut yogurt:

  • Loaded with nutrients: Vitamin B12 + D, anti-oxidants,
  • DAIRY-FREE: Did you know that 75% of the world population lose their ability to digest milk after infancy?
  • Improved MOOD–> when we populate our gut with positive bacteria, it modulates neurotransmitters that only live in the gut ( not in the brain) to fire and work properly. OUR GUT IS OUR SECOND BRAIN! Read more about the science here
  • Average serving contains 25% to 30% of the daily allowance of calcium and magnesium. Calcium is essential to bone health while magnesium is essential for muscle health.

How and what to use:

I like to use this particular brand of coconut milk because it has absolutely no gut-irritating thickeners or gums, and is seriously the most delicious, non-canned ISH I HAVE EVER TASTED. I’m an AROY-D coconut milk consumer for life okay.  You can pick it up at most asian markets or smaller grocery stores– large commercial health food stores don’t carry it here in Vancouver. Anything I make, like large batch healthy fudge bars for catering events, or this go-to coco-yo, it turns out so heavenly, the taste is UNPARALLEL to even the most high-end organic canned stuff out there, but half the price and minus nasty thickeners. This one’s a no brainer folks.

I prefer the above probiotic, as it has the strains necessary to ferment the milk, and is the highest quality probiotic I know of– being Naturopathic Doctor recommended and human strain flora.


Easy: In clean glass or ceramic bowl, mix small box of the above coconut milk ( about 2 cups) with 2 capsules probiotics. Use powder not solid pills- empty powder out of capsules and whisk with wooden spoon ( not metal as it can have a negative effect on bacteria) . Cover with plastic or mesh, put light on in oven, ( oven is off though) and let ferment 2 days, 48 hours. If it’s grey or stinky or tastes gross– something’s gone off and you shouldn’t eat it. Sterilize all items in boiling water first to prevent any risk of this. My final result was not super thick, but will thicken up more after another 24hrs in fridge. Other bloggers say to add agar, gelatin, all kinds of things to thicken and sweeten the final product– I’m perfectly fine with this slightly thinner consistency– as I put in my smoothies for SUPER ZING-tastic yummines. You can make savory sauce, face masks, cacao chocolate mousse, SO MANY THINGS WITH THIS COCO-YO, be creative as you want!

What do you think?

Did you try it– how was it? So much love to you Nourished Woman! And a beautiful relaxing, tummy healing summer/winter wherever you are in this great green blue ball.

Warm hugs,

About Abby: 

Abby is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Natural Foods chef, and founder of The Nourished Woman– a wellness and health movement dedicated to the awakening, rising, and healing of women all over the world. Follow her journey on Instagram and Facebook. She is passionate about bringing women back to wholeness, balance and full bloom radiance. You can read full bio here.

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