Self care, true nourishment and support doesn’t need to be overwhelming, a chore, or another thing to add to your to-do list. Nourishment and professional, holistic support is your BIRTHRIGHT.

Hello Beautiful. I am Abby and I am PASSIONATE about the rise of the Nourished woman. She is tapped in, tuned in and turned on. Grounded and radiating.  I see you. I get you. I know how challenging and overwhelming it can be to nourish yourself in these times, especially if you feel your attention pulled in a million different directions, but are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. You are in the right place.


I have guided hundreds of women back to radiance, groundedness and deep true nourishment for the last 5 years. Going through my own health crisis and healing from bizarre and irritating skin rashes, bloat, self loathing, and guilt, I know that healing and clarity are absolutely possible. My life has changed since deepening into sisterhood and women’s work, and rediscovering gems from my own lineage– chanting, mantra and mudra. When we give this sweet nectar of Divine Intelligence/Source/Goddess back to ourselves, we radiate from a grounded knowing place. And it’s not that I don’t have difficult, murky unclear days– but there is a luminous foundation of sisterhood and self respect that has been cultivated over the years that is much DEEPER and stronger than this– I trust THAT more. THAT is becoming a familiar place, not self-doubt and destruction. This is about coming home to you and treating yourself with the care and tools you deserve.  If you are on the fence and want a simple introduction to this work, I am currently offering introductory 1 hour Nourished Woman Breakthrough Sessions. In this session we will:

  • identify where you are feeling challenged in your life in your Self Care
  • identify how you feel best Nourished
  • Identify your strengths and available avenues to enhance new nourishment practises
  • Connect back to your Inner Guidance system

At the end of the session you will receive a custom tailored Nourished Woman Plan delivered straight to you inbox with an overview of our session, covering practical and easy nutrition, lifestyle, and embodiment practises so you can begin feeling better right away. There is a beautiful mantra meditation recording that is included in this session– selected just for you and the particular health goal you are working with.  Sample anti-inflammatory Meal plan, suggested easy and nourishing recipes from my private Holistic Chef vault, and personalized mantra recording ALL INCLUDED with private 1 hour session for price of $297 CDN $222 for November 2018!  Women who have taken this session report feeling a renewed sense of calm, groundedness, increased sensuality and embodied confidence, and a noticeable decrease in stress-related symptoms like fatigue, IBS, skin rashes and bloat, after just 1 week of implementing the self-care practises and holistic nutrition tips. 

{ Support over a longer period of time facilitates deeper, longer-lasting changes. If you desire more guidance and custom holistic health care–  I also offer 1 to 3 month personalized nourishment programs to facilitate deeper healing, just ask on our call }  

This is incredible value for what you are receiving ( total value with 60 min private phone or Skype session, Delivery of Nourishment Plan email including:  nutritional and lifestyle practises, personalized meal plan, recipes and recorded mantra valued at $600) — it’s an easy way to begin your journey to Radiance, Balance and Vitality. I won’t be offering these sessions at this price for very long so book your session November 2018 now. 

Link to book your session below:

Dear Woman. Remember you are supported, seen and loved. There is a growing network of nourished women sprouting up and growing all over the world. I got your back. Together we rise and come much farther than alone. Let’s do this. I’m so excited to support you on this journey and I can’t wait to meet you Beauty!

Warmest Embrace,


Read more about Abby, upcoming woman circle offerings and all the Nourished Woman offerings at her website here

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