Letting go and the Big Purge

Last Sunday I attended a sweat lodge ceremony. Woman’s only session. The big let go. The big release. The night before I came to terms, once again, with a romantic partner, the need to honour each other’s unique path of evolution, healing and growth, and not commit to one another at this time. WHEW. That brings up a lot. Rejection. Abandonment. and of course deeper still- what the fuck does it mean to be a self-sustaining, a sovereign women in these times? and it dawned on me, as it has a lot in the last past few 2 years of quantum up the fuck leveling: WE SISTERS NEED EACH OTHER. and. We need to always put our self-care first. as much as we are able– once it’s anchored in the body, it changes the way we show up in the world. For me– important self care practises are doing Bowspring primal movement, having a bulletproof chai or Yerbe Mate with journaling in the AM, and some silent meditation, followed by some wild primal dance.  Looking to start a routine? Check out my free Shakti waterfall embodiment video morning on Vimeo, when you sign up to the newsletter on my home page. The powerful point being– however we land in our bodies, that we DO, and are better in all ways for it.

During the sweat lodge, I gripped my fingers into the soil when the tears came, the rage, of not feeling met the way I needed, and knowing it was time to align deeper with my purpose too. It’s so easy in relationship to give your power away. Recommitting. to me. Hmm. And it feels damn good. Deeper, always we can go deeper. How would it feel to open in intimacy when we feel totally empowered and sexy? This sweat ceremony came a few days after we kicked off the first session of my Awakening Shakti series with the Root Chakra, and it was apt timing to realign with my tree sisters, new and old, shake off the summer, and ground down deeper into our own feminine essence. From here we can make clear choices,  and sail our ships into eternity, or to the shore. Have you ever done a woman’s sweat lodge?  I highly recos ladies. You really do drop out of the mind and into the heart, and what is really true and matters rises up to the top, to be sung, screamed, released or affirmed. I love my women sisters. Thank you, thank you thank you. Interested to move shakti with us? Seats open for this season Nourished Woman Awakening Shakti circles here— we move up from Root to Crown, using embodiment movement practises, mantra, mudras to awaken our collective and individual feminine kapow. What are your vital self care rituals, how do you let go in your life? I love the sage you see in picture below, and burning palo santo wood….mmm..swoon!

The theme of releasing continues here as I write to you from my dear friend and star photographer Chelsea’s sweet cabin home away from home, CBR Photography. It’s so nice to be out of the city a few days during the month.  We just went through a total overhaul and released years of items she no longer needed from the basement, kids’ storage, and all the rooms, AND removed old fridge and kitchen items she didn’t need,  then restocked with nourishing staples.  It’s amazing how much clearer, creative and expansive you feel when the space is cleared. How would this look like in your relationships? In our cars, in our minds, in our eating habits. in our sleep, in the morning? Clarity and releasing pays back BIG TIME. If you are looking for support in your nourishment, clearing out the excess and baggage in your life, make sure you book your Nourished Woman Breakthrough Session by Sept 30, to get the special rate. Read more here, and book your session on my online calendar here. Whether you need some guidance with clearing your energy field, clearing out and restocking your fridge,  setting up a relaxing morning and bedtime routine, learning how to best nourish your mind and body with foods that you love and are good for you, I GOT YOU. Let’s get to clearing, opening, deeping and deep nourishment woman!

I love you so. Keep shining, keep showing up, keep doing you.


About Abby:

Abby is a certified holistic nutritional practitioner and chef, natural health educator, woman’s holistic health coach, feminine embodiment movement coach, and self care queen! She currently resides in the gorgeous coastal mountains of Vancouver BC Canada, and you can find her traveling all over the globe, offering holistic services both in person and online. Have a question? Leave a comment! Read full bio here, and sign up for your free 30 min health consult here.

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