What a summer, what a 2020.

Everything seems to be suspended, delayed, “put on hold” in this time of global dismantle. Are you holding your breath too?

I’ve revamped things a little here at Nourished Woman, and am opening a larger container for my Awakening Shakti course online in September, in addition to accepting private 1:1 clients for my Deep Nourish 3 month mentorship– as the seasonal in-person circle may not happen juuust yet. If it aligns, I will host in-person– cause DAMN I miss it! There is nothing like woman getting together in person — the conscious touch, eye to eye contact and vulnerability, closeness that can only happen in those magical circles.

On the horizon, is the birth of the Nourished Woman retreat video trailer, from our last one in November 2019. I’ve been going over the footage and felt my heart soften, fly and giggle at that deepening journey we went through not so long ago. This woman’s work is so medicinal, fortifying and ancient. I’m honored to be a part of it, this wild ride with rewilding women.

Behind the scenes I’ve been slowed down by the magnetic downward pull of Earth, Nature and sizzling heat of this Summer August sun on the West Coast of Canada. Taken to camping and slowing down in general, listening to the crackle of campfire and dazzling light show of starlight. Lying down directly on the Earth, and deep diaphragmatic breathing has been so healing and yummy. I’ve also been pierced in the heart, heartbroken by the revealing of broken systems in the west and all over the globe: systemic racism, misogyny and child trafficking.

I’ve been sharing and posting and educating myself as I can , and strengthening my voice to do what is right. It’s about doing what is right, not just standing up for “myself” but for children, for people of color everywhere, me included, that have been affected and abused by the Patriarchy and racism, these systems of oppression that we swim in, and Privilege, that we may not always immediately see or sense. Let’s stay open, and ask questions. It is such a tender time for so many. I feel that vulnerability in my entire Being.

We were built for these times: Now more than ever, let us Nourish, and deeply.

I have foresaken my nourishment from time to time over these past few months, sinking into despair and anxiety. In these times of falling, I return to the practises I’ve learned over the years, and remember, that even *this*, this feeling of failing, is a *part* of the life journey, To be here for it all , awake, and loving the Shadow.

(( photo from last Nourished Woman Retreat Nov 2019 on the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada, courtesy of Mina Nevis Photography ))

If you are a woman reading this, please know that I hope you have a circle of women to lean into, on a deeper level, beyond the surface. And if you don’t have that yet, know that the Awakening Shakti virtual woman’s circle was created for this exactly— to retreat into the ancient circle of wisdom + primordial feminine Intelligence, that lives in the feet, hips, pelvis, wombs, hearts and hands of every woman. We can take refuge here, and rest into a deeper moment, the river under the river. We can replenish and restore our souls here.

A gentle reminder about your mornings, how is it going? As you’ve probably heard before if you’ve been to my retreat or worked with me 1:1, the morning is a Sacred time, a time to reset nervous system pathways, and return to an energy of openess to life, and a grounded, rooted energy. That is our birthright.

The morning time can be a sweet time— to nourish + begin the day relaxed + rested + hydrated, rewiring the fight or flight ( or even freeze) response so many of us unfortunately can be stuck in.
A few simple “micro-adjustments” are sometimes all that’s required to begin a new path to nourishment + Sacred Self Care. So often we are walking through life with over-burdened livers from a lifetime of internal and external toxins building up and feeding pathogens in the body over time, this feeding various viruses as well. The summer is a great time to give the liver and the whole body a break with fresh fruit right in the morning, and avoiding fats and proteins of any kind until noon. Contrary to popular nutrition info out there, you will not get tired or sugared out. Nature packages vital mineral and vitamins in fruits in a very effective delivery system, that sustains us well. Try this approach for a week– and see how your energy feels! This recipe below is inspired by medical medium.


Liver-healing Smoothie Bowl

1/ Place 1.5 cups of frozen blueberries/strawberries with 1.5 frozen banana in your blender. Optional: add 1 tsp each of Spirulina powder and barley grass juice powder         ( excellent for detoxification and vital minerals), Optional: add some fresh herbs like basil or mint from garden for a fresh twist!

2/ Add squeeze of lime,

3/ Blend until combined and you have a soft-serve ice-cream texture

4/ Place in a beautiful bowl, drizzle with your best honey, shaved coconut, and more fruits as you feel ( I love added some cherries, kiwis, or whatever I have on hand)

5/ Sensuality- Mindfulness:

~ Feel your feet on the Ground. Allow the sensation of awakeness and vitality to spread, and fill, like a warm light, all the way up your body, filing your hands, heart and mouth

~ Look at the colors, and as you bring the first bite to your mouth, feel the cold of the spoon on the surface of your lips. When you do eat that first bite, allow the texture and temperature to melt in your mouth. Savor it. Speak words of gratitude for the day into the Space. Breathe deeply and land in your body, enjoying each bite.

Slowing the senses down this way activates the “rest + digest” response in the nervous system and belly, so we actually produce more enzymes to break down our food! **We can’t get this level of nourishment and assimilation of nutrients when we are in the Stress response and eating. I know right. Nature is amazing. This in turn, causes us to chew slower, which also enhances the entire digestion process. So much we can influence in the healing


Pleasure is your birthright,


Abneet Kaur Sandhar <3

Abneet Sandhar( BA, B.ed. CNP, Chef)  is your guide and doula for helping you re-birth and remember sacred portals of feminine power ( “shakti”), pleasure and presence.  She is your daily self-care whisperer, always assuring you that, yes, more ease, flow and power are just a deeper breath away.

Abneet has helped hundreds of women feel more joy, pleasure and presence in all facets of her life since her 2017 launch of her multi-tiered business, “The Nourished Woman” as founder of “Awakening Shakti” woman’s circles in Vancouver BC, “The Nourished Woman Retreats” and “Embody the Temple’ online woman’s temple series. As an international woman’s feminine embodiment facilitator, self-care guide, and woman’s holistic wellness and yogini coach, she helps driven yet overworked and overburdened woman tap back into innate pathways of pleasure, ease and presence, and source their innate Feminine Blueprint of Nourishment.

When she’s not helping her radiant clients shift beliefs on worthiness of self-care and pleasure, or create healthy boundaries and install new goddess codes of inner and outer prosperity consciousness, you can find her traveling to Bali, creating a new yummy + healing auto-immune recipe, or dancing her heart out to the latest tribal Earth music. As a former school teacher,  Abneet finds deep joy in holding presence for other’s growth and discovery process, and creating “soul curriculum” that allows each person to discover her greatness within.  She is completing her 2 year Arkaya classical Indian tantra yoga training and apprenticeship with her master teacher Maitreyi Yogacharini, and currently has 2 private 1:1 spots open for feminine embodiment + nourishment mentorship  “The Deep Nourish” journey, that spans 3 months. Book a complimentary 30 min consult to learn more about it here.

For women desiring more of a group feel, her signature 7 week Awakening Shakti program is re-starting this Fall as an online journey. This work is based in Earth-based wisdom, using somatic therapy,  and ancient yogic form of trauma-healing and true embodiment. Read more and sign up here.

Find out how to allow more pleasure, presence,  feminine power AND softness into all facets of your life at www.AbneetSandhar.com/about



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