Embodied Feminine Alchemy 6 week course

Join woman's holistic health coach and feminine embodiment facilitator Abneet Sandhar, for an intimate virtual journey: 6 weeks of feminine embodiment, celebrations and deep awakenings. Wake up out of the trance of disconnect, patriarchy, over-doing, pushing, and come rest into the unique feminine blueprint of you, a woman who is rooted, rested, deeply connected to her intuition, her womb and heart, her receptivity, and her boundaries, inner Kali. Discover your Feminine base camp, and what it means to be a resourced woman in today's turbulent times.

Course material will be available in the portal every week, with fun homeplay practices to deepen your learnings.

BONUS: Book a private 1:1 Integration call with Abneet at the end of your sojourn to anchor in the transformation


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