The Nourished Woman Sacred Self Care Guide + Recipe Booklet

Here is the Nourished Woman Retreat:  Sacred Self-Care Recipe Booklet + Guide: 2022

May of these delectable and mouth-watering self-care recipes were made for the 11 women in my last Nourished Woman Retreat at Eagle Nest Sanctuary this past Nov 19, 2021 on the  gorgeous Vancouver Island,  and many are also the same recipes that I have cooked for my clients in my meal prep service for the past 7 years. They are client tested and approved! Kid approved 🙂 Anti-inflammatory, delicious and easy to make.

It's also a perfect way to weave some sacred self-care into your everyday.

Learn how to:

- balance stress levels, boost metabolism and immunity

- heal adrenals and calm nervous system

- balance your hormones, release excess weight and clear the skin

Recipes like:

  • Damiana Cacao bliss balls
  • Rainbow Buddha Bowls
  • Healing chaga and chai elixirs

and more amazingness for your belly and your soul nourishment......

Create a more conscious, loving and compassionate relationship with yourself

It is well over $100 in value, but I want to offer it to you here on my site for $49.97 CDN. It includes:

- 19 pages of beautifully styled,  easy to follow and read recipes, Ayurvedic- based
- Gut-healing and adrenal balancing delicious elixirs
- BONUS: Morning Routine: 3 revitalizing + luscious  self-care + feminine embodiment practices to start your day

I hope the holiday season 2021 is a still a time of replenishment, abundance and Nourishment for you!

Note: after payment is processed, you will receive the guide as a PDF, sent to your email.

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