The Nourished Woman Sacred Self Care Guide + Recipe Booklet


Here is the Nourished Woman Retreat:  Sacred Self-Care Recipe Booklet + Guide

This self-care recipe and booklet guide was given to every woman in my last Nourished Woman Retreat this past November 2019, they are also the same recipes that I have cooked for my clients in my meal prep service for the past 7 years. They are client tested and approved! Anti-inflammatory, delicious and easy to make.

It's also a perfect way to edge some sacred self-care into your life and learn how to:

- balance stress levels
- heal adrenals and calm nervous system
- balance your hormones
- Create a more conscious, loving and compassionate relationship with yourself

It is well over $100 in value, but I want to offer it to you here on my site for $39.97 CDN. It includes:

- 19 pages of beautiful easy to follow and read recipes, Ayurvedic- based
- Gut-healing and adrenal balancing delicious elixirs
- BONUS: Morning Routine: 3 revitalizing + luscious  self-care + feminine embodiment practices to start your day

I hope 2021 is a year of replenishment, abundance and Nourishment for you!

Note: after payment is processed, you will receive the guide as a PDF, sent to your email.

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