The Radiance Sessions

We’ll deep dive into 4 sessions of Sacred-Self Care x Divine Feminine Embodiment designed just for you.

Be guided through powerful authentic lineage tantra + somatic practices to release stored trauma + blocks in your body, and embody your inner goddess.

When we embrace our pleasure and power unapologetically, we can manifest immaculate levels of abundance, joy and success in our lives.

We release the weight that was never ours to bear in the first place.

Who would you be without the low key shrinking and shame, doubting and hiding?

It's time to release ancient pathways of ancestral trauma and dimming our expression, our truth, our voices and our sensuality.

Its' time to RISE. ROOT, and RADIATE.

Come join in the 4 part RADIANCE SESSIONS.

I can't wait to meet you there.




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"Abneet made me feel safe, seen & held working together 1:1 for 8 weeks. I am an “angry woman”. Rage has boiled inside of me my entire life. Abneet taught me how to embrace & honor this fire. Instead of observing challenging emotions come & go like waves lapping along the shore, Abneet held space for me to become the ocean storm. I embodied the visceral & primal wildness that was exploding within me – without shame. Dance, growl, scream. It defied my perceptions of what it means to be “spiritual”. Becoming the primordial flow of energy is the feminine embodiment & sometimes the reclamation of power might look like a big ‘f- you’. Working with her was a rewilding for my soul. It has forever changed my relationship with anger & my perception of the spiritual path. For that, I am eternally grateful."

Thank you!
Danielle Sabbe
Astrologer + Consciousness Guide
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