Nourished Writing:

Conditional Love

As I complete another turn around the Sun: 35 orbits strong…..I’ve realized I’ve been living on a false premise most of my life….. UNWORTHY. CONDITIONAL LOVE.  I was loving myself conditionally so much of my Life. (can you relate?) Here I am. Grey hairs sprouting like...

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Nourishing Truths Nobody is Going to Save You

Nourishing Truths: Nobody is Going to Save You. and. That is a gift. It is easy to get into the trance and asking others what to do. A habit of grasping that can become cultivated from a lifetime of not trusting yourself. Maybe you weren’t shown how. Maybe you were...

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Nourishment For The Heart

Melting the frozen parts. Receiving isn’t natural for some of us. We feel guilt, shame even. We may feel we must always be the ones giving endlessly of ourselves, for then we feel worthy. What if we began to UNRAVEL some of this conditioning instead, and began to...

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