Welcome to this unique path of uncovering, healing, and arriving back at the center of your life.

Together we can co-create your unique journey back to optimal health, deep joy, and even deeper nourishment.

Your history, needs, and soul’s desires are unique, and as such, we will create a plan that will best serve your divine uprising.

Nourishment doesn’t have to be yet another stressful thing to add to your to-do list– you can work it in to your day to day life, little by little adding more of what nourishes you until it becomes your new normal to be a deeply nourished woman.


Read on beloved…

What Clients Are Saying

“You are the coach that walks beside me, supporting the sherni ( lioness) in me 🙂 It’s a collaboration and I love that. I was anxious, overwhelmed and burnt out, and you held space for me so well, you empowered with so many tools to take care of myself. It was important for me to find a teacher who understands the cultural context of the practices and traditions they teach, so I was happy when I found you. You helped me connect with my bibi and generations of strong Punjabi women before her. The inner child work we did together was so impactfu!”

— Ashwinder Bhatti ( Embodied Woman 1:1 client + Awakening Shakti group graduate)

We’ll deep dive into a 3 month Sacred-Self Care x Feminine Nourishment mentorship designed just for you.

Only once a year: Live feminine awakening and sacred self-care  group course  in Vancouver. 8 class tantra+ chakra series.

Next intake begins: 

Sept 8 ~ Oct 27, 2022

 7 month virtual woman’s temple:  Receive 90min  group feminine awakening + healing Zoom calls for 2X month for 7 months- as we move up the the chakra system.  Awaken the primordial goddess energy within you..

Next intake: TBD


The 1:1 Embodied Woman

Reclamation Accelerator

A life-changing 3 month deep dive path to reclaim your feminine radiance, nourishment & set you up with sacred feminine self-care tools that will have you connected to your inner goddess  energy for a lifetime. 

The Details: 12 weekly 60- 90min phone or ZOOM  sessions +  including 4 in-person sessions (location permitting) + handcrafted self-care items in the Welcome Package  = $4444 or $1500/month)

Feeling more connected to your body and reclaiming your sensuality doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing–and sometimes tradtional therapy just doesn’t cut….

In Embodied Woman, we move beyond analysis paralysis, and give the nervous system new pathways of luminous presence, pleasure and power. Creating safety in the body and understanding the “language” of your inner self– is always foundational in this work.

With 1:1 coaching we can customize your embodiment package and break down your healing journey into easily digestible, doable steps.

Everyone experiences nourishment  and self-care differently, so my deep dive packages are the ideal, most nourishing offering for you.

Your Embodied Woman program includes a preliminary intake with 12, 60 min private weekly sessions resulting in you feeling more confident, sensual and free in your body! 

A deep nourish journey provides the connection you’ve been seeking with:

  • LIVE 60- 90 minute body and soul nourishment coaching session, every week – these soul sessions are based on your needs and may include: embodiment practices, spiritual tools to help awaken your feminine power and address core issues of: how to ground one’s energy, transform anxiety into radiant presence, overcome over-thinking and people pleasing, establish healthy boundaries, and transform internalized toxic shame into luminous, embodied self love.
  • Deep embodied nourishment – using ancient Indian Tantra + goddess archetype codes, breathwork, somatic therapy, and Arkaya yogic therapies to help uncover the power, pleasure and presence in YOU

  • Unlimited email support and access to me via WhatsApp

Read on…

You don’t need to escape….

…to get the deeper connection and relaxation in your life you are seeking.

I will take care of the tools and provide the guidance so you can free up space in your body and soul to really enjoy, embody and live your divine feminine blueprint.

Break up with the trance of overwhelm, health confusion and body shame for good. Be done with giving away all your resources and feeling depleted. The rise of the nourished woman begins with reaching out, asking, and receiving all that you deserve.

Let’s create the perfect VIP nourishment experience for you so you can get back to feeling more radiant, alive and juicy.

Pleasure, deep joy and optimal health aren’t “rare” treats, they are your birthright.

Are you ready?

Awakening Shakti: The Initiation

We are a network of trees and together we grow taller, wiser and stronger.


You don’t have to do this sacred healing work alone and it’s just so much more fun when we are in communion together!


When we finally decide to put our weapons of judgement, comparison and competition down, we can bear witness in humility and awe the beauty, vulnerability and resilience of our fellow women.


There is great power, great Shakti here.

Let’s do it together!


Starting Thursday Sept 8th in Vancouver, BC, I am facilitating a live Woman’s Temple Initiation: a unique 8 week workshop series focusing on healing chakra centres with feminine embodiment, ancient goddess archetypes, and relaxing authentic lineage Arkaya Tantra yoga. 


It is an initiation into the Deep Feminine.


We embody goddess archetypes of Durga, Kali + Lakshmi, and move way beyond one dimensional femininity of the “nice” girl, the “sexy” one, or the “people-pleaser”. We go into the Deep Feminine with acknowledging that Nature lives in us too as storm, sun, light and cloud: sacred slut, high priestess, raging river, playful fairy and the Medicine Woman too– and so much more.


Each week you receive a hand-crafted self-care product to take home and nourish yourself deeply.  


Elemental Intuitive movement dance takes place with safe conscious touch and focused discussion..


This Initiation course only takes place once a year!  Limited space available to maintain a sacred and safe container. Our fullest, most juicy and comprehensive series to date! The ultimate in woman’s self-care and embodiment, don’t miss out and register early for this intimate container. 


Click here for more information and to register.

What Clients Are Saying


“I felt a renewed and awakened connection to pleasure and my body that I haven’t felt in YEARS after working with Abby for the last 2 months. I felt totally disconnected and numb from my body after having surgery, but with her attunement, sensitivity and guidance I am feeling more relaxed and centered, more present and less reactive with my partner. I felt so confused about what to eat for recovery, and with Abby’s help my energy and mood has steadily improved. Abby is a revolutionary force in helping woman to reclaim inner wisdom and radiance in their lives. She is committed to this path and has set a fire in my belly about what is possible!”

Lylah Iorfida – Lawyer

Embody the Temple:

Woman’s 7 Month Virtual Sisterhood Journey


let’s return home together.


Calling all nourished women! Embody the Temple is welcoming 10 women to activate their healing and divine awakening. This 7 month virtual program begins February 13th, 2022 and will see 10 curious women awaken presence back into their bodies and connect deeper into their sacred selves, all with the support of community. Feel held and nourished when you sign on to become one of the 10 women ready to embody the temple of their being. 


The desire to be nourished is always there, as a seed in our deeper knowing and heart. Self-neglect can creep on us and pull us away from this desire. Embody the Temple helps you to bridge that gap and come back to your innate, nourished, embodied woman.  

embody the temple is for you if:

  • You are ready to establish healthier boundaries, ground your energy, and radiate your sexual energy through your whole body
  • You are tired of being tired, overworked and energy scattered: you are ready to focus and feel deeper peace
  • You are done with giving away your energy to everyone and everything but yourself Where are YOU on your to-do list? )
  • You are done with feeling alone, overwhelmed and isolated in your spiritual journey
  • You are done with feeling disconnected from your body and your sensuality
  • You are ready and committed to really dive in and be held accountable in a supportive way. You are ready to show up for yourself.
  • You are ready to take your power back!
  • You feel capable of spending up to 2 hours per week ONLINE to listen/ watch/ practice with the group and on your own,   ( if this doesn’t  feel possible for you due to schedule or level of commitment, I recommend to join at a later time) 


Awaken your Shakti with me

It’s time to celebrate your feminine sister. That’s where your deepest joy + leadership awaits you!

The Philosophy 

I created this shakti school because I saw the jaw-dropping transformations the women in my 7 week in-person Awakening Shakti circles were experiencing.  Women were breaking life long habits of holding themselves back, clearing ancestral trauma, stepping boldly into their gifts, making more money, launching their own businesses and women’s circles. There were quiet revolutions of creation and beautiful destruction happening in these women’s backyards. I knew there had to be a way to bring this potent medicine of the Awakening Shakti circles to a wider global audience, regardless of location.

I saw how even if my own life path, when I stopped fighting, suppressing and hating my feminine and instead began to embrace, embody and listen to my Her- everything in my life began to flourish and heal: relationships, intimacy, money, confidence, all forms of manifestation began to bloom open. More feeling, less numbing. More pleasure. More grief too– but this is what happens sister:

Life becomes colorful AF– and more clear.

This is the sacred path of weaving WITH your Shakti.


Embody the Temple is all about awakening your shakti and dancing with her. Shakti is the feminine principle of tantric and yogic philosophies. It maintains that, “that which is animated is form and it is illuminated by Light. That Light is you and it is your innate, divine feminine power.” 

Through this 7 month virtual program, you will be guided and led through this shakti awakening process. You will awaken to how energy is moving inside of your body and no longer be at war against your body. You will learn to give permission to your pleasure, allowing it to ripple through your body and infuse it into every aspect of your life. More than anything, through Embody the Temple, you will step into divine feminine leadership and in embodying shakti as your birthright, you will come home to yourself. 

You’ll do all of this through a decolonized approach to tantra and yogic lifestyle teachings. The awakening of the shakti process is anti-patriarchal, rooted in feminine wisdom, true eastern mysticism, and not borrowed or stolen knowledge. It is passed down, authentic, and channeled. 

Embody the Temple awakens shakti by moving from chakra to chakra, or energy centers throughout the body. Each chakra is worked on and with, released, and filled with divine feminine life force. We do this by connecting to a powerful Goddess archetype for each chakra and calling on her for strength, guidance, and nourishment.  


What Clients Are Saying


I am feeling nourished, strengthened and empowered! Abneet has rocked my world the last 7 weeks! I feel plugged back into my power, my strength and deeply connected to my body. This work is stunning and Abneet’s facilitation is impeccable and masterful. Something undeniably powerful happens when women gather and Abneet catalyzed this power – the result was a group of women who started off as strangers becoming dear friends. Abneet created a safe and transformative space where we could each explore to the fullest our softness, our bodies, our sensuality, our rage, our love, our power… the result was deep healing and transformation. At the end of this program I looked around the circle and beheld a room full of Queens. Each woman transformed, shining vibrantly, connected to herself, her worth, her power and her deeper knowings. It was undeniably beautiful. Thank you Abneet. I’m so grateful to have found my way to you and this work. Love love love!

 – Tatiana Speed, Graduate of Awakening Shakti 2021

Vancouver. Singer -Songwriter:

What will the 7 months look like?


Each month will see two 90 minute virtual activation calls. The calls will be led by myself, Abneet, but I will regularly bring in guest teachers and healers that will be instrumental to your awakening process. You will also receive weekly home-play practices, regular check-ins from my assistant, and have access to a private chat  group with other members of the program.

If you are thirsty for a deeper dive into your awakening, you can also receive a single integration session call with me at the end of the program or an ongoing monthly session for an additional cost.

Coming home to who you really are


I am so grateful for finding and experiencing Embody the Temple- what an incredibly enriching and empowering experience! Each night Abneet created a safe container to gently guided us through unique and powerful practices. Sharing and witnessing in intuitive embodied movement was the highlight for me – allowing my body to release and shed unnecessary tension, emotion, outdated worldviews, and blocked energy, while simultaneously connecting me deeper into my sensuality and female empowerment. Each session held a different flavour, as we moved through movement, mantra, story sharing, discussion, and safe touch. Practicing the “YES” and “NO”s of life in a safe space was another powerful activity. And needless to say, the beautiful and healthy elixirs she created and poured each night on arrival were a delicious way to start the class!

 – Meigan Swanson, Graduate of Awakening Shakti 2018

The rise of the Nourished Woman is now, and you don’t have to do it alone

Make your next trip around the sun one where you grant yourself the light you deserve.


Total 7 month immersion program is $3,333 (valued at $7,378) 


  • Fourteen 90 min activation calls 2x a month: $2331 
  • 28weekly homeplay practices, pre-recorded guided audio and video meditations and PDFs: $2716 
  • Bonus one private 1:1 Shakti Integration Session at completion of program: $2331
  • Access to me and our group members via support group: priceless!

Join Embody the Temple now and say yes to the journey back home to yourself. 

The next virtual immersion begins on Feb 13, 2022 when we gather with a global group of wise women for a POWERFUL group activation call on Zoom, deepening into the Earth, our roots and Goddess Durga. A potent time to call in our deepest desires! Remember, the beauty of a program like this– you can be anywhere in the world and still join the group field. We are timeless and eternal. 

 Let 2022 be the year you up-level and shine like never before sister!

Are you ready to step into the next phase of your life centered, supported, guided and more deeply connected to your body and soul?


It’s time put yourself first, Queen.

I invite you into this beautiful journey. Book a free call with me if you’re curious for more.


Ready to join us? I can’t wait to see you inside. Join here.


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